Why Every Keynote Speaker Needs Multiple Streams Of Income

As a keynote apostle you abandoned get paid for anniversary time that you speak. How abounding motivational apostle gigs do you accept in a month? It could be one or two or more. Would that be abundant assets to awning all your costs for the month? What if you were to get ailing and you had no added forms of assets advancing in for the month?

That could absolutely put a affliction on your coffer account. That makes your assets beeline as a keynote speaker. You charge added and assorted streams of assets advancing in to sustain you.

Some added assets streams as a keynote apostle are:

Books (they can be e-books, harder awning books, or Kindle books


Workshops: 1/2 day, abounding day, or assorted days

Speaking Templates

e-book Templates

Media Kit Templates

One Sheet Templates

Plus these assets business streams:


Paid Webinars

Online courses

Group apprenticeship programs/one on one coaching

Membership or cable programs

Sell articles such as t shirts, mugs, and agenda items/programs


Affiliate Marketing


I’m abiding there are added things as a able apostle that you are now accomplishing that can be angry into a altered blazon of presentation. We sometimes accept to anticipate alfresco the box.

Nowadays, architecture assorted streams in no best a luxury, it’s a necessity. Having assorted streams of assets is a astute business investment. You are not putting all your eggs in one bassinet by relying abandoned on your accessible speaking marketing. Just relying on accessible speaking gigs abandoned is not a affirmed blueprint of abiding assets or acquirement streams. You charge assorted acquirement streams of income. You are creating a lifetime acquirement beck for you and your ancestors to leave a legacy.

Who wouldn’t wish to arbor up profits by alive up to an added $500 to $1,000 dollars a anniversary in your coffer annual as a motivational speaker. Cha ching!

Yes, you can accomplish a lot of money giving talks in person. The downside to that is, you accept to be present to do it. That can be time consuming. When you get on a even and fly out of your city-limits it can be costly. The hotel, food, and busline costs can absolutely add up. Plus jumping on a even aerial out to allege can be agitative in the alpha but it aswell can yield you abroad from your ancestors if you accept one.

So what do you think? Can you add some of these acquirement streams of assets into your activity appropriate now? Leave a animadversion beneath and let me know.